Deasy Ventures Limited was founded by Shane Deasy in October 2014.

Bitbuzz and Insomnia partnership

Shane was the founder and Managing Director of Bitbuzz, the leading Wi-Fi provider in Ireland, which was sold to Virgin Media in 2014.

After leaving college, Shane started his career in Esat Digifone in 1995.  After the successful sale of Esat to British Telecom in 2000, Shane moved tothe UK to help rollout the first 3G mobile network owned by Hutchison 3G UK (now known as Three).

In 2002, Shane left the world of mobile telecoms and worked on a number of Wi-Fi projects including The Cloud in the UK ( subsequently bought by Sky PLC) and helped O2 Ireland to launch their own Wi-Fi network (which was later purchased by Bitbuzz).

Bitbuzz was founded in 2003 by Shane, Alex French, Niall Murphy and Stephen McCormack.  Bitbuzz successfully navigated the tricky waters of the post “Dotcom Bubble”  and later the Celtic Tiger which crippled the Irish Hospitality Sector (a key customer for Bitbuzz) and emerged as the leading Wi-Fi network in Ireland and the UK.  Under new ownership (Virgin Media Ireland), Bitbuzz continues to expand both in Ireland and the UK.

Shane now sits on the board of a number of companies and invests and mentors Irish tech start-ups as well as operating a number of retail and online businesses.